Monday, December 5, 2016

Slow Go on the Roads this Morning

Road crews did a great job clearing a lot of the snow that feel yesterday, but there is a different weather factor to contend with this morning. Thick fog has been developing in Iowa and has been continuing to thicken as our temperatures are falling. Clearing skies overnight allowed our temperatures to drop back into the low 30's. So not only do we have lowered visibility, but with temperatures hoovering in the low 30's, freezing fog is possible as well. This will be on the patchy side, especially on untreated roads. Make sure to take it slower on the roads, on sidewalks, and in parking lots.

We are drawing up moisture with southerly winds, along with added moisture from the recent snow pack is keeping the extra moisture around. A temperature inversion (temperatures rising with height) will trap moisture closer to the surface, it turn trapping the fog.

The fog will linger through the morning and into the afternoon. A dense fog advisory has been issued until 1:00pm.

We do expect visibility to slowly improve through this afternoon.

Not only does the fog present travel issues, but it will also keep temperatures much lower then where they could be. Highs had the potential to warm into the low 40's today, but the foggy conditions will keep temperatures colder today. This will also limit the melting of any snow, which will reinforce colder air for the end of the week.

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