Sunday, December 18, 2016

Expected Wind Chills through Monday Morning

Officially the high for Sunday will go down in the record books as 14 degrees, even though we spent most of the afternoon below zero.  The reason - that was our temperature shortly after Midnight Sunday before falling to 0 degrees around sunrise.

The winds have really calmed from late Saturday evening and that has been a blessing because if the winds had been any stronger, we could have had wind chills that were nearing -30 degrees all afternoon!

Clear skies, light winds and a fresh snow pack are not going to help our temperatures Sunday night.  Most of us will drop down to -10 degrees, or colder, by Monday morning.  And even with a wind of 5-8 mph our wind chills will fall between -25 degrees and -30 degrees through the morning.  It won't remain that cold for too long, though, as a southwest wind will allow temperatures to steadily rise through the morning.  This will also allow wind chills to rise out of the dangerous category.  Wind chills are still expected to remain below zero through the afternoon, but will range from -2 degrees to -8 degrees during the day.

It's important to remember that frostbite can happen within a short amount of time, within 30 minutes, if you are not protecting yourself.  For those kids who may have to wait at the bus stop in the morning make sure they are properly dressed and layered up!

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