Friday, December 30, 2016

Blocking Pattern Brings Back the Chill

With the wind lately it really hasn't felt like it, but our temperatures have been above average for the past week and a half.  And through the weekend temperatures will remain above average.  Monday will be the warmest out of the next seven, with highs reaching the low 40's.  By Tuesday a strong cold front comes through bringing an end to the rain, but also a drop in our temperatures.  Tuesday's high will reach the mid 30's, possibly upper 30's, but drop into the mid-teens by Tuesday night!  That's quite a drop in a short amount of time.

Highs Wednesday and beyond will remain in the upper teens and low 20's with overnight lows falling into the single digits at times.  So what's with the sudden change?  It's a blocking pattern over Greenland - known as the Greenland Block.  High pressure develops over Greenland forcing the jet stream northward.  That northward shift dislodges cold air from the Arctic causing it to spill south over the lower 48.  And this will be quite a southward extent of the cold air as it moves all way into north Texas and Gulf states.

Highs next week will run 10 to 15 degrees below average and actually look to remain below average through the first half of January.  For all you snow lovers out there wondering if the cold will bring the snow with it - doesn't look too likely.  We may have a few smaller systems roll through, but no major snow makers on the horizon just yet.

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