Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sight to See Near Rochelle

Scott Seebach
Rochelle, IL
The heaviest snowfall from last weekend occurred south of Rockford from Dixon, Amboy, Rochelle and DeKalb.  Once the snow ended a pretty interesting and fairly rare phenomena occurred.

Take a look at these pictures!  These are snow rollers.  They are pretty rare because just the right conditions need to be present in order for these balls of snow to form.  It almost looks as if someone started to build many snowmen, but just never finished them.

Joseph Kaisher
Rochelle, IL
According to the National Weather Service, snow rollers form when there is existing ice or crusty snow, fresh wet or loose snow on top it, temperatures near freezing and gusty winds (but not too strong to break apart the snow).  Typically snow rollers occur on either a hill or slope, but can occur on flat ground.  If you happened to see these in your yard, please share your photos with us:

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