Monday, December 12, 2016

Snowy December and Record Cold

We're not even half way through the month of December, but we've already achieved our monthly average snowfall just from the past two weekends.  Last week Rockford received 5.3" of snow.  This actually came in 0.4" shy of tying the daily record snowfall.  Just this past weekend Rockford recorded 6.3" of snow putting the two weekend total at 11.6", 0.3" over the December monthly average of 11.3".  It will be interesting to see if the weekend trend continues with over 2 weeks of the month left.  What will be even more interesting to see is if the cold and snowy trend continues during January and February.

The incoming cold will only be enhanced by the fresh snow pack on the ground.  One cold front arrives very early Tuesday morning bringing light snow showers overnight Monday.  A strong cold front arrives Wednesday, possibly with a few flurries, but even a colder air mass will follow.  Highs Wednesday will be reached early, just like on Tuesday.  We'll likely spend most of Wednesday afternoon in the single digits with wind chills down near ten degrees below zero during the day.  Thursday's high won't even make it past ten degrees.  Right now I'm forecasting a high temperature of 8 degrees Thursday.  The coldest high temperature to ever occur on December 15th was 9 degrees set back in 1932.  We will likely not reach that 9 degrees Thursday, breaking the coldest record high for the day. 

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