Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Winter One-Two Punch

In the previous post, you can read about our next round of accumulating snowfall that arrives this weekend. That would be back to back weekend systems, but this round will be different.

After last weekend's snow, totals ranging between 3-9" area-wide, temperatures warmed enough for most of it to melt. This provides some relief this week despite the chill, because it's harder to warm the atmosphere with snow on the ground, essentially reinforcing the cold air. This won't be the case however next week with our next system. Models are picking up on an arctic intrusion for next week that will bring even colder by Monday. And with a recent snow fall over the weekend, it will reinforce that cold air.

The Climate Prediction Center has out looked December 12th-16th with a 75-85% chance for below average temperatures. Temperatures currently look to be anywhere between 10-18° below the average, with sub-zero chills as well. This is still a week away and sometimes models have a tenancy to overdo cold air this far out. But its something we'll keep an eye on going into next week.

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