Friday, August 10, 2018

A Great Weekend Ahead

Things starting to look much better as the fog is clearing up across the Stateline. After it clears up, which will be around 9am, we'll see that beautiful sunshine for the rest of the day.  It'll stay a little muggy during the morning, but things will become much more comfortable during the afternoon, where temperatures will be a little cooler in the low 80s.

This high pressure system will keep the skies clear going through the day, allowing us to enjoy the sunshine.  That high will stay in control for the entire weekend, keeping the sunshine with us and allowing for nice, comfortable conditions in the mid 80s.  It'll get a little warmer and more humid late in the day Sunday, but it'll still feel great.

 It'll especially feel great for the Boone County Fair this weekend! The entire weekend will have perfect fair weather, with the low 80s this afternoon, mid 80s on Saturday, then a little warmer in the upper 80s on Sunday.

Enjoy the weekend!

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