Friday, December 2, 2022

Strong Winds Return, Wind Advisory Issued For Some

Strong Winds Return:

A rather similar set up to the one we had on Tuesday aims to bring strong winds back to the Stateline as we jump into the weekend. The only difference will be the direction in which our winds will be blowing out of, at least to start.

With anticyclonic flow (high pressure) sitting over the Tennessee Valley and a cold front draped to our west, winds throughout the day will be blowing out of the south and southwest. Wind gusts will range from 35-40 mph, which should be enough to bring our temperatures up to the 50° mark. And that's even with much of the day being spent under a mostly cloudy sky. Like Tuesday's cold front, there will be the small chance for a few stray showers before it's passage, likely this evening into early tonight.

Wind Advisory:

The strongest winds will be felt as the cold front itself is passing through the region overnight. For that, the National Weather Service in Quad Cities has placed Jo-Daviess, Stephenson, Carroll, and Whiteside Counties under a WIND ADVISORY from 6PM this evening to 3AM Saturday morning. 

Winds during this time will be capable of gusting up to 50 mph. Once the front is through, winds will immediately shift to the northwest, allowing our next cold snap to settle in. Temperatures are expected to rapidly fall into the low 20s, with possibly a spot or two landing in the upper teens. With the quick drop in temperatures in mind, any moisture that is left behind by this evening shower chances will freeze up quick. So please keep an eye out for any slick spots whether it be in the parking lot, sidewalks, or while driving.  

Weekend Outlook:

Saturday is to be a repeat of Tuesday, minus the thick cloud cover. With a rather bitterly cold north to northwesterly wind in place, high temperatures will be severely restricted to the upper 20s. Even further down the thermometer will be our wind chill values as they look to register in the teens for a majority of the day. 

All in all, a good day to nothing but relax indoors. But if you have to be out and about at any point Saturday, plan on bundling up in layers! Improvements filter in Sunday as our next area of high pressure slides to the east of the region. This will allow southwest winds to quickly return, bringing our high temperatures back near seasonable-levels. 40s continue into early next week ahead of another cold front that will cool us down a little into the middle of next week!

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Gusty winds Friday; Light evening rain showers

Temperatures Thursday afternoon were a little warmer than Wednesday, but it still felt cold with the southerly wind. This helped to keep wind chill values in the 20s throughout much of the afternoon, with those numbers now falling through the teens.

The south wind Thursday night will keep overnight lows out of the teens, but it will be a cold start Friday morning. Wind chills are likely to fall to the teens, rising some as the sun comes up. Cloud cover will also be on the increase Friday morning, clearing out early afternoon before moving back in for the evening. 

South winds are expected to increase throughout the day Friday, gusting close to 35 mph. This will help bring temperatures into the middle to upper 40s during the afternoon, rising then into the low 50s by the evening. It may not feel too warm, however, as the strong wind and increasing cloud cover will keep a little bit of a chill in the air.

Another strong cold front will move through around Midnight with temperatures quickly falling into the 20s by Saturday morning. Increasing moisture ahead of the front will cause a few light showers to develop after 5pm, lasting through 9pm/10pm. The rain won't amount to much, perhaps just a few hundredths of an inch, but with the quick drop in temperatures there could be some areas that experience a freeze by morning.

The skies will dry out quickly Saturday, but winds remain strong from the Northwest holding temperatures in the upper 20s. This will bring wind chills into the single digits Saturday morning, warming only to the teens for the afternoon.   

The Meteorological Winter Season Begins on a Bitterly Cold Note

Windy Stretch:

Thursday featured a rather strong westerly wind which made for a bitterly cold end to the month of November. With winds gusting between 30-40 mph for a majority of the day, highs peaked in the mid to upper 20s range. Although winds across the area significantly trended downward overnight, there will be just enough of a wind present to make for a bitterly cold start to our Thursday. 

Small Improvements:

Before heading out, make sure to have as many layers on as possible so that you have no issues with the cold this morning. Temperatures under a mostly clear sky have fallen into the teens, with wind chill values registering in the single-digits. 

An area of high pressure over the central plains is expected to slide to our east-southeast by the time were jumping into the afternoon. This will help shift our winds from the west to the south-southwest, resulting in a slight improvement in the temperature department. Under a good amount of sunshine, expect high temperatures to climb into the mid to upper 30s. While skies remain rather clear into the first half of the night,guidance does show clouds gathering up closer to sunrise Friday.

No Break From The Wind:

Gusty winds are set to return Friday as we await the arrival of our next cold front. Thankfully, this means they will remain out of a warmer direction, helping highs get back towards that 50° mark. Clouds will continue to thicken up, which may result in the potential for a stray shower or two during the afternoon and evening. 

Forecast models then bring in said cold front Friday night into Saturday morning, with our next cold snap quick to follow. In a similar fashion to yesterday, a rather strong northwesterly wind will severely restrict afternoon temperatures to the upper 20s. Of course, wind chills will registering in the teens for most of the day. Saturday also features a mostly cloudy to overcast sky as well as the chance for a few passing flurries. Improvements arrive Sunday with highs in the upper 30s.

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Meteorological Winter begins Thursday


It definitely felt like Winter Wednesday afternoon with temperatures tumbling into the 20s and chills in the single digits and teens. The wind didn't make it feel any better, gusting as high as 35-40 mph at times. Wind speeds will ease some as high pressure builds in. Unfortunately, this will mean our overnight lows will drop into the teens, with wind chills in the single digits. We will see sunshine return Thursday as winds increase once again from the south late in the day. Highs Thursday will warm into the middle 30s.

Thursday is also the beginning of Meteorological Winter; the three-month period of December, January and February which are climatologically the coldest three months out of the year. The average high at the beginning of the month starts out right around 40s degrees but drops to 30 degrees by the end. January is typically our coldest month with an average high in the upper 20s. It's also, on average, our snowiest month with just under 11 inches of snow falling. By February temperatures will begin to warm, slowly, but average highs are still in the 30s. Meteorologists and Climatologists use these three-month periods for record keeping, as it's easier and more consistent than using the astronomical start of the seasons. Astronomical Winter begins Wednesday, December 21st. 

Windy & Very Cold Wednesday, Next Cold Spell Arrives This Weekend

Why So Windy:

Despite Tuesday's thick cloud cover, temperatures were still able to peak in the low to mid 50s thanks to a rather gusty southerly wind.

Gusty winds remain the big weather headline for our Wednesday. But this time, they will be blowing out of a much colder direction, which will result in a bitterly cold end to the month of November and to the meteorological Autumn season. When it comes to depicting wind strength, it's all depends on how tight the pressure gradient is at the surface. In today's case, the lines of pressure (a.k.a isobars) around northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin will be squeezed tightly in between a high pressure system over the central plains and the mature storm system over the Great Lakes.

Windy & Cold: 

As a result, wind gusts throughout the day will range between 30-40 mph. Despite the fact that this morning's cloud cover will gradually clear into the afternoon, these strong westerly to northwesterly winds will restrict highs to the upper 20s. 

If that isn't cold enough, wind chill values will remain in the teens, then drop into the single-digits around the time the evening commute concludes. Whether you plan to leave early in the morning or sometime during the afternoon, it'll be best to pack on those layers to beat today's bitterly cold forecast. With a mostly clear sky overnight, temperatures are expected to cool into the upper teens, making for another chilly start to the day tomorrow. Although winds gradually decrease overnight, there will be enough of a breeze present to keep wind chills in the single-digits. 

Next Cold Spell:

Improvements slowly filter in as we await the arrival of our next cold front. With a more southerly to southwesterly wind in place, highs will peak in the upper 30s on Thursday, then soar into the low 50s for Friday afternoon. 

Clouds are then expected to increase late Friday into Friday night as our next cold front slides in from the west-northwest. In a similar fashion to Tuesday's front, a small chance for a light shower or two will accompany the frontal passage. However, it's the cold air that filters in behind the front that will become the bigger headline. Highs Saturday will only peak in the low 30s, with temperatures falling to near 20° by Sunday morning. Like this week's cold snap, the one ticketed for this weekend will be brief as highs aim to climb back towards 40° mark both Sunday and Monday. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Single digit wind chills Wednesday morning


Temperatures Tuesday evening have fallen quite a bit following a strong cold front. Highs reached the low to mid 50s Tuesday afternoon but have since dropped into the 20s and 30s, with wind chills in the teens.

The cold front is to our east, but the cold air will continue to move in through the night. Gusty west to northwest winds will reach 30-35 mph during that time pushing wind chills into the teens, and then single digits, for the start of Wednesday. This means that frostbite can occur on exposed skin within 30 minutes.

West/northwest winds will increase slightly during the day Wednesday, gusting 30-35 mph at times. Temperatures will start out in the low 20s in the morning but won't rise much during the afternoon, settling in the upper 20s. Wind chills through the afternoon will remain in the teens. Winds will ease some Wednesday night as temperatures fall to the middle teens. Wind chills in the single digits are likely once again Thursday morning, but the wind won't be as strong as high pressure moves through the Stateline.  

Few Showers Late, Gusty Winds Usher in Next Cold Snap

Little Fog to Start:

Once again, our day kicks off with a little fog. But fortunately for us, the fog layer that's out there this morning isn't even close to being as dense as what developed Monday morning. With that being said, it wouldn't surprise me if we did see visibility values for a few drop to or below 3 miles. Just to be on the safe side, use extra caution while traveling during the morning commute hours.  

Tuesday's Storm System:

A rather strong and dynamic late-fall storm system is expected to sweep across the midsection of the lower 48 today. To the south of the low, a significant threat for severe weather lies across portions of the deep south. 

For us, a few light rain showers will be possible with the associated cold front, followed by a rather quick drop in temperatures. Prior to this evening's cold front, skies remain mostly cloudy. Despite that however, a rather potent wind out of the south and southeast will help temperatures climb into the mid 50s. Normally, average highs towards the end of November are falling into the low 40s.

Cooling Down Quick:

Regarding the strength of today's winds, there's no wind advisory in place for any of our counties yet. But wind gusts will be able to peak between 30-40 mph this afternoon, this evening, and even throughout the night tonight. 

If you have any loose objects or any inflatable Christmas decorations, make sure they are either secured properly or are brought inside. For the evening commute, keep in mind that it will still be windy and there will be the chance for a few showers. Shower chances will carry on into the first half of tonight, with maybe a few snowflakes mixing towards the end. Overall, most if not all of our spots should wind up with a tenth of an inch or less. 

Winds remain strong, but shift to the north and northwest overnight. This quick change in wind will help filter a very cold air-mass into the Stateline from the Upper Midwest and southern Canada. Temperatures go from the mid 50s this afternoon to the low 20s Wednesday morning. 

With a strong and cold wind sticking around for Wednesday, expect temperatures to struggle to make it out of the 20s. If that isn't cold enough, wind chills values will be limited to the teens, before falling into the single-digits overnight. It's safe to say that if you need to be out and about, you'll want to pack on those layers. The coldest air arrives overnight Wednesday into Thursday, allowing temperatures to land in the upper teens prior to sunrise. BUNDLE UP FOLKS!