Monday, September 26, 2016

A Look at September Statistics

Despite fall entering with a force today in the form of sunshine, strong winds, and temperatures in the 60's, September has been remarkably warm. In fact, we are currently on track to break the record for the warmest average temperature in the month of September. Of the 26 days that have come and gone, 20 of them were above average. That is good for 77% of September days being above average thus far. Not only that, but our average high temperature for the month is a little higher than 81°. That is a degree warmer than our average high on the first of the month, or the warmest day of the month.
Now let's jump back to the whole, "we could be in for the warmest September ever" statement. If the month ended today, we would break the record for warmest average September temperature by over 1°. To get the average temperature for the month, each day's high temperature and low temperature are taken into consideration. Once all of the data are attained, an average is taken. Of course there are still four more days in the month to get through. Each of those days is expected to feature high temperatures in the 60's and low temperatures near 50°. Thus, we could slip just below that 69.9° threshold by September 30th. It'll be something to watch for the next 96 hours!

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