Friday, September 2, 2016

September Preview

We are now in the month of September. That means a few things in the weather world. First, we are now in meteorological fall. Second, the unofficial end to summer occurs on Labor Day as the pools and water parks close down for the year. Third, we officially enter fall later this month. Finally, temperatures begin to drop, especially later in the month. That is according to our daily average highs using climate data. What is actually expected to occur in September? Well, the Climate Prediction Center has issued their monthly outlook for the country. Regarding temperatures, we have an equal chance of seeing above average or below average temperatures. On these maps, that means we aren't included in any of the shaded areas.
In terms of precipitation, the CPC believes we have an equal chance of seeing above average rainfall or below average rainfall through the month of September. Just to our north, they are anticipating a wetter-than-average month. Meanwhile, areas in the Ohio River Valley and Tennessee Valley are expected to see below average precipitation.

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