Saturday, September 17, 2016

Changing Weather - Warm Week Ahead, Then Cooler

Next week will feel more like a summer week as opposed to the opening of fall.  This is because the jet stream is going to push well to our north and introduce a strong southerly flow and higher humidity.  Our average high this time of year should be 76 degrees, but we will be above that number the entire week, with highs especially toward the end of the week in the low to mid-80's. 

Big changes are in store however as the jet stream next Sunday will dig well to the south, ushering much cooler and drier Canadian air and it looks as though this weather regime could be in place for a good portion of that week.  The timing would almost be right on target, however as the first day of Fall is this Thursday.  So it will begin to feel like fall - just 4 days later!  Enjoy the summer-like week ahead! 

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