Tuesday, September 13, 2016

No Big Cold Shots Ahead

One thing meteorologists like to do is look ahead beyond the next seven days. Doing so now will provide good news to much of the country if warmer temperatures are what you like. Looking at the long-range forecast models, one thing sticks out more than anything else: no big shots of cold are showing up for northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Moreover, there aren't many cold shots showing up for anybody in the United States through the end of September. Now, that doesn't mean there won't be a few short-lived blasts of cooler air. That is to be expected when you transition from one season to the next. What is to be expected is no long-lived cold intrusions through the remainder of the month.
The reason for the lack of cold air through the next three weeks is simple: the jet stream will remain along and north of the US-Canada border. The jet stream is an area of stronger winds located well above the Earth's surface. In meteorology, its position makes it easier to determine where colder and warmer air will reside. And, with the jet largely staying well to the north as we round out September, there will be a lack of cold air intrusions in the continental United States!

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