Monday, September 12, 2016

Fall Foliage Not Far Off

With fall quickly approaching, many are beginning to plan trips to see the best foliage around. Both Wisconsin and Illinois will see a good showing of color with no significant flooding or dry spells occurring this year. In just a few days, there may even be very minimal changes in Illinois and southern Wisconsin, according to forecasts. Many locations don't see much in the way of color changes until late September and early October.
By September 30th, the map looks quite a bit different. Most of Illinois and the southern half of Wisconsin will be in the "partial" category for foliage. This is when some changes will become noticeable as you drive from one location to another in the Stateline. The areas by the last day of September that will see "peak" foliage include the mountains of Colorado, far northern Minnesota, and the mountains of northern New England. Things really start to change as we enter the month of October.
By the middle of the month, foliage will be at its peak level in many locations. Some mountainous and far northern areas may be in the "post peak" category by this time. Southern Wisconsin and most of Illinois will be in that desired "peak" category. For Wisconsin, peak foliage occurs between October 5th and 14th. For northern Illinois, that occurs between October 5th and 21st. That means it's time to start planning those trips to local parks!

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