Friday, September 2, 2016

Hermine's Effect on the Stateline

Early this morning Hermine made landfall on Florida as a category one hurricane but has now been downgraded to a tropical storm with max sustained winds near 60mph and a low pressure at about 980mb. It has already brought power outages, heavy rain and flooding, and storm surges around 6 feet. It is still a dangerous situation for the east coast, and while Hermine downgrades it will bring torrential rain up along the entire east coast. A few localized amounts as high as 15 inches!!

As the title states, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin will have it's weather impacted by this storm. But before you get worried, and wonder if we will see torrential rain and flooding I have good news. We actually see a benefit from the storm, but how you ask?

 Well, essentially we are seeing an atmospheric traffic jam set up. Hermine will slowly drift up along the east coast, but lingers just off the coast into the middle of next week. With the low anchored near by, the high pressure that is over the northern Great Lakes can't move very far east. The high will drift slowly east, but it will linger close enough by that we keep the cool and quiet weather into the end of the weekend. The biggest change in the forecast will arrive Monday into Tuesday, where we notice summer like warmth and a return to a humid pattern. This happens as the high moves far enough away that our winds turn southerly which brings in more heat and humidity, but close enough that the rain threat holds off.

The high pressure will keep the third system, a low over the Rockies currently, out west. As the high lingers, that low tries to continue east but won't make it far. In turn it's associated front will stall to the north west of the Stateline. So, instead of seeing rain early next week, it will actually hold off until late Tuesday but mainly Wednesday and Thursday.

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