Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How Chilly Today?

Today's temperatures ranged from the upper 50's into the lower 60's. Some locations did surpass the pictured range of 58-62°, but that does not change the fact that today featured the coolest high temperatures since May 15th! We can thank the enhanced cloud cover, showers, and north winds for putting a "cap" on our temperatures today. This was one of those days typically thought of as "raw." We are already seeing clearing this evening, but addition rain is likely through midnight with a band of rain moving inland from Lake Michigan. The area of  low pressure responsible for the showers and rain will move far enough east on Thursday to deliver a mainly dry day with warmer temperatures near 70°. However, the same low will meander back west towards Indiana on Friday and Saturday, As a result, we will see a return to "raw" conditions with showers, clouds, winds, and temperatures only in the middle 60's to begin the weekend. Buckle up! Fall is definitely here to stay!

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