Monday, September 26, 2016

Feeling the Difference

Big changes this week! If you've been chomping at the bit to get out and visit one of the many apple orchards or pumpkin patches, this week is a perfect week to do it!

If you spent the day outside yesterday, it had a very summer like feel with highs in the mid and upper 80's (for most) along with fairly muggy conditions. However, a potent cold front that brought scattered storms yesterday afternoon and a few showers overnight is now well to the east of the state.

Now our dew points are falling into the 40's along with plenty of sunshine. It will be a very dry day today, albeit windy and very fall-like. Winds will gust from the west up to 35 mph today as temperatures make it to about 66°. Compared to yesterday, that is a 20° temperature drop in about 24 hours. Not only that, but the week as a whole will be vastly different. The average high temperature last week was in the 80's compared to this week's forecast average  high which is in the 60's. If the forecast pans out, the weekly high will be about 15 degrees cooler.

A deep low pressure system will then sink south over Lake Michigan, dislodging much cooler air with a deep trough over the Midwest and into even the mid-south. Temperatures will only reach near 60° on Wednesday before rebounding back into the low 70's through the weekend.

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