Friday, September 30, 2016

A Look Back at September

We are now entering October, so what happened in the weather department during the month  of September? Well, the biggest story is the abnormally warm temperatures we saw here in Rockford. One day saw temperatures soar into the lower 90's, which ended up being one of the four hottest days all summer. Numerous days featured high temperatures in the 80's. Most days in the month saw temperatures above average. Statistically, we were oh-so-close to breaking the record for the warmest average September temperature ever. The record highest average September temperature (utilizes both daily highs and lows) is 69.9°. Rockford's average temperature this year for the month of September is 69.4°. That number is good for being 5.3° above normal.
Precipitation was roughly average for the month. Totals by the time the stats for September 30th come in will be at roughly 3". That will result in a month where we were about three-tenths of an inch below normal. It is certainly not abnormal to see a departure in the precipitation category. It is typical to see precipitation totals between 0" and 0.50" above or below normal. Therefore, September will go down as slightly below average in the rainfall department, but overall it has been roughly average.

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