Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Snowy and Cold Start, Possibly a Warmer End to February

As you know, its been a very cold and snowy first half of February. However, there are some signs that point to a warmer end to the month.

Our first warm up occurs midweek, from Wednesday to Thursday, with temperatures climbing into the upper 30's. If we didn't have the large snow pack, highs could be climbing into the mid 40's.

The Climate Prediction Center has issued a temperature outlook for the last week of February, the 20th through the 26th. It shows a higher probably for above average temperatures. The southeast and east coast will really feel the effects of a warm up, with a strong ridge developing across the east side of the country. The Stateline will be on the fringe of this warmth though, so the probability isn't as high and the warming trend isn't as strong as our friends east. Overall expect temperatures warmer than average.

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