Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dewpoint Drop: Through the Start of the Weekend

After periods of showers and storms yesterday, you definitely noticed the humidity or sticky feel if you stepped outside. That's because we had dew points in the 70's, and it's also what led to the heavy downpours overnight and early this morning.

But do not fear - relief is already moving in! A cold front that was to the northwest of Illinois yesterday is currently sinking south of the area and our winds are switching direction to the northwest. This will tap into cooler and drier air that will begin to filter in through the afternoon. Dew points will move from the low 70's to the upper 50's by tonight and tomorrow. That means for us, more sunshine and a much more comfortable feel through Friday evening.

Unfortunately the pleasant weather doesn't stick around through the weekend, showers and storms arrive early Saturday morning and stick around through the afternoon.

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