Monday, August 1, 2016

Heavy Rain Possible as Moisture Levels Rise

It might have felt a little more humid Monday afternoon, but by Tuesday it will begin to feel uncomfortable.  The comfort level this week will be going down as the moisture content in the atmosphere is on the rise.

And the high amounts of moisture in the atmosphere could lead to heavy rain producing thunderstorms Tuesday afternoon.  If we were to think of the atmosphere like a sponge, and were to fill up the sponge with water and then wring it out, we would potentially have a little over two inches of water, or rain, that would fall.  Atmospheric moisture levels will be very high Tuesday afternoon and if thunderstorms develop along and ahead of a warm front during the afternoon, heavy rainfall would be a big concern.  Especially since the storms would be slow moving.

There is a marginal risk for strong thunderstorms for Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin Tuesday afternoon, but the storm threat Tuesday depends on where, and if, storms move in during the morning.  So keep a watchful eye to the sky during the day Tuesday.  And know if we get any storms there could be localized heavy rainfall with them.

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