Monday, August 1, 2016

How long does the heat last?

As mentioned in the previous post, the Stateline will see more heat and humidity return this week with a ridge of high pressure centered over the middle of the county.

With a low pressure system breaking down the ridge, we got a break from some of the heat this weekend.  But it doesn't appear as if we're done with heat for the summer.  Another ridge of high pressure will build across the country, with the Climate Prediction Center showing most of the county at about a 50% or higher probability for above average temperatures through the first half of the month. The average daily high temperature for the first half of August ranges between 83-84°.  One key factor we will be watching for how hot it will get is where the placement of the ridge is, and if there are any disturbances that ride along that ridge. This would bring periodic shower and storm chances through this week. The Climate Prediction Center also shows northern Illinois with a higher probability to see above average rain through the first week of August.

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