Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Warm and Wet July Closes

We're closing the books on a soggy and hot July in the Stateline, the NWS now coming out with the climate outlook for the month. As we know it was a hot month across northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, and officially it was 1.1° above the monthly average. The average temperature (the average of the highs and lows) of the month rounded out to 74.9°.

Overall Rockford recorded three 90 degree days; hitting 92° on July 11th, 94° on the 21st, and 94° on the 24th. It wasn't just the heat, but the humidity too, with multiple days with heat index values over 100°.

Rockford's rain gauge measuring 7.87" for the month, which is 3.92" above the monthly average. July 17- July 30th was the wettest 2 week period in the last three years. Overall, this was Rockford's 7th wettest July since 1906.

High rain totals in the southern tip of the state, and high totals in north central Illinois.

Periods of heavy still possible Tuesday afternoon with any storms that develop ahead of a warm front.

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