Thursday, August 25, 2016

Official Apple Orchard Forecast

Well, throughout the week we have been monitoring the forecast for Friday. That's because Edwards Apple Orchard opens up for the season! We have seen some rain and storms through the week, but we kept suggesting the weather would cooperate on Friday. And, now that we are approaching Thursday evening, the forecast models have a good handle on what Friday will bring. It still looks dry. It still looks like temperatures will top out in the middle to upper 70's. It still looks like humidity values will be low, making it feel more like fall than late August. The only significant change that has occurred throughout the week has been cloud cover. It appeared as though an area of high pressure would deliver mostly sunny skies to the region, but as days have passed, slightly more cloud cover has been introduced each day. Now, we are expecting mostly cloudy skies, but at least it will be a dry day. So if you have been craving those famous apple cider donuts, some warm apple cider, or fresh apple pie, Friday looks like a perfect day to cross off those cravings!

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