Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Open the Windows... air conditioning arrives through the weekend.

Today's the day! We've been talking about the cooler and dry air set to arrive today, all week long, and it's finally here. While you might feel just a bit of humidity this morning, that won't be the feeling all day. Our dew points continue to fall from the low 70's that was observed yesterday to the low 60's and then the 50's by tonight.

A trough in the jet stream up above in the atmosphere, helps to dislodge that cooler and drier Canadian air, along with sinking surface high pressure. Our winds will stay out of the north today and the next few days as we head into the holiday weekend.

Peeking into next week, we notice a return of more humid and warm air. We make it make into the mid and possibly upper 80's along with dew points back into the low 70's.

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