Friday, August 19, 2016

Timing Out Rain and Storms

A strong cold front is located just to our west this evening. That will continue to slowly progress towards the region tonight into Saturday. Ahead of it our rain chances are pretty slim with isolated showers possible through 1-2 AM. As it gets closer later in the night, our rain--and to a lesser extent storm chance--will increase. The rain could be heavy at times, but extremely heavy rainfall is not anticipated. Severe weather does not appear likely either. However, a stronger storm cannot be completely ruled out due to the nature of the cold front. The rain will likely begin to clear after 1-2 PM from west to east on Saturday. Skies should still remain mostly cloudy on Saturday afternoon and evening. Winds will begin to pick up during the day, with gusts upwards of 25-30 MPH a distinct possibility.
Some areas could pick up an inch or so of rainfall, but I think any totals much higher than that will be very isolated (as the projected rainfall total map shows). Just about every back yard in the Stateline should see a healthy 0.25-0.50" by the time the rainfall comes to an end Saturday afternoon. Behind the front, much cooler air will filter in with highs in the 70's Sunday and Monday. Overnight temperatures will hit the 50's--and potentially the lower 50's--Saturday night and Sunday night.

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