Thursday, August 4, 2016

Strong to Severe Storms Thursday Night

10:30pm Update: All Severe Thunderstorm Warnings have been allowed to expire for Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.  Still expect moderate rainfall with a few thunderstorms, but severe weather has ended.

Heads up Boone and DeKalb counties.  Line of strong thunderstorms moving in your direction.  Wind gusts to 55 mph possible.

9:30pm Update: Urban and small stream Flood Advisory for poor drainage areas in Ogle and Winnebago counties until 12:30pm.

Isolated strong winds from Rockford to west of Davis Junction.  Wind gusts between 60mph and 65 mph possible.

9:05pm Update: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Winnebago and Northeast Ogle County until 9:45pm.  Wind gusts to 70 mph are possible along the leading edge of the storm. 

(9:28:04 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS LOT: Winnebago [Winnebago Co, IL] trained spotter reports TSTM WND GST of E65 MPH at 09:24 PM CDT -- estimated winds 60 to 65 mph.

(9:12:05 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: SW Dubuque [Dubuque Co, IA] 911 call center reports TSTM WND DMG at 07:48 PM CDT -- numerous limbs down where highway 52 comes into dubuque. some limbs were down on homes.

(9:08:47 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: Freeport [Stephenson Co, IL] emergency mngr reports TSTM WND GST of E60 MPH at 09:00 PM CDT -- reported 55-60 mph estimated

(8:45:04 PM) nwsbot: Local Storm Report by NWS DVN: 1 E Galena [Jo Daviess Co, IL] law enforcement reports TSTM WND DMG at 08:20 PM CDT -- tree blown down on miner road east of galena.

8:30pm Update: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Green County in Southern Wisconsin until 9:30pm.  Strong winds were noted with this storm north of Stockton and extending into Wisconsin.  Wind gusts to 60 mph are possible.

There is also a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Stephenson County until 9:15pm.  Strongest part of the storm is just west of Freeport, and moving southeast roughly at 45 mph.

8:00pm Update: Severe Thunderstorm Warning extended to include almost all of Jo Daviess County until 8:45pm.  This storm has gained speed and is moving to the southeast at 55 mph.  Cities possibly impacted by this strong storm include: Stockton, Warren, Elizabeth, Scales Mound, Apple River and Council Hill.

:55pm Update: Severe Thunderstorm Warning now for northern Rock County in Wisconsin until 8:15pm.  Also watching a severe thunderstorm moving into Grant County is SW Wisconsin.  It has shown signs of 'bowing out' near Platteville which would suggest very strong winds are possible.  This storm is moving east, but could shift slightly southeast into a more unstable atmosphere.

7:30pm Update: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for far NW Jo Daviess County until 8:15pm.  This storm in Iowa has had a history of producing damaging wind gusts over 60 mph, with reported damage in NE Delaware County.  Storm motion is to the east at 45 mph.  Currently warned just outside of Galena, IL.  But if it holds together, more of Jo Daviess County could become warned.

7:05pm Update: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for northern Green County in Wisconsin until 8pm.  A strong thunderstorm is currently moving into northwest Green County near Blanchardville and moving east at 30 mph.  Locations impacted will be between Monticello and Belleville.  The strongest part of the storm will move just north of Monroe, WI

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been issued for Green, Rock and Walworth counties in Southern Wisconsin and Jo Daviess, Stephenson and Carroll counties in Northwest Illinois until Midnight.

Strong to severe storms will continue to move southeast into southern Wisconsin through the evening.  A moderately unstable environment is in place over southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.  This could help sustain storms with gusty winds through the evening.  Expecting these storms to move northwest of line from Madison, Freeport and Savanna between 7pm and 8pm.

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