Sunday, August 14, 2016

Warm September thru November Temperature Prediction

We've certainly been enjoying a warm summer so far and overall, the year has been above average.  That trend will continue as the Climate Prediction Center released its' forecast for temperatures for the period of September thru November.  Our temperatures have a good probability of continuing above average, while temperatures to the Southwest, South, Northeast and Northwest will likely be above average and portions of the Southwest will be much above normal!   For those that like the warm weather, this is good news.  Part of what is driving the warmer temperatures are very warm Pacific waters off the coast of Alaska, which is the origin of many of our weather systems, especially in the fall and winter. 

Of course, these forecasts are updated regularly so we'll let you know if anything changes.  For now, however, it looks like summer might have a gradual and smoother transition to fall!

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