Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Above Average Week

Our warmer-than-normal temperature trend for the start of fall looks like it will continue this week!  We will start the week on Monday and Tuesday with highs that are 8 to 10 degrees above our average high of 65.  By the end of this week the average high drops to 63 degrees further highlighting the above normal trend.  We will have a mid-week cool down as a new fall storm pushes through on Wednesday but that cool down will only last a few days before we have another warm-up.   Not only are our highs going to be above average, but also important to note that our low temperatures have been well above the average low of 43 degrees as well! 

The Climate Prediction Center called this one right, as they predicted that we would trend above normal through the month of December, so we should expect to see continued cycles of warming trends interrupted from time to time by a cool down.  The climate is expected to make a course correction in late December going into January and could become colder than normal.  

Looking at long range forecast models it looks like the first sustained significant cool down might be about 2 weeks away - until then we can enjoy the warm temperatures.   Have a great start to your week!  

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