Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Minimal Rain this Week....But We Need It.

After a few downpours and storms this past weekend, the weather pattern this week remains quiet.
Active jet to the north has kept much of the storm potential in northern Wisconsin this week, along with a lot of the moisture. So while this morning we have a 'lifting mechanism' (aka the cold front) we don't have much moisture to work with. Because of that, we really just see clouds arrive through the mid to late morning. Another front will pass through Wednesday and that could bring a few isolated showers Wednesday into Thursday, but again we won't see much in terms of accumulation.

 We need the rain however, typically by this point in October we have picked up about an inch and a half of rain, but overall for Rockford we're running an inch in deficit. So far we've picked up only 0.44" in the rain gauge.

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