Thursday, October 13, 2016

Flirting with 80°?!

If you enjoyed the 70's we received earlier this week, then you are in luck! That is because despite the pair of frosty nights this week, we will return to the 70's and perhaps 80's this weekend and next week. A sharp cold front took our 70's and slashed them into 50's Thursday afternoon. That front also delivered the first area-wide frost event Wednesday night. Another frost event is expected Thursday night as a Frost Advisory is again in effect for every county aside from Whiteside. However, as high pressure slips into New England by Saturday, winds will turn southerly this weekend and early next week. And, we all know what southerly winds mean!

That's right! Warmer air in the form of 70's and perhaps lower 80's will be in place from Saturday through Tuesday. Middle to upper 70's are likely this weekend with lower 80's on Monday. A cold front will lead to an abrupt end of the warmth Tuesday night. Not before we string together four straight days of high temperatures 10-20° above average for this time of year! The potentially warmth-limiting factor that needs to be monitored is extensive cloud cover. If we see more clouds on either of the four days, we could be looking at lower high temperatures than currently expected. But, as it looks as of Thursday evening, middle and upper 70's are a good bet this weekend into next week. And, as shown on the graphic, low 80's cannot be ruled out for Monday behind strong southwesterly winds!

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