Friday, October 21, 2016


This year's trend toward warmer weather has continued as we are 2/3 of the way through October.  Our high temperatures drop at a quick rate on average this month from an average high of 69 degrees on October 1 to an average high of 56 degrees by October 31st.  No wonder we typically bundle up for Halloween!

But this year might be different.  As of today, over 3/4 of our days have had high temperatures above normal and the average departure from normal has been +5 degrees.  Quite warm indeed!  So it comes a little bit as a shock to our system when we get a couple of days below normal like today and yesterday.  While we have had some cool snaps, they have been short lived and so will this cool trend. 

We will start to warm on Saturday to just above our average high of 60 degrees.  Sunday looks even warmer, but a cool front will push through late on Sunday bringing our temperatures back down for the start of next week.  While our temperatures look like they will be close to normal next week, it is safe to say we will likely still have a few warm days left yet this fall!  Enjoy your weekend. 

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