Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Feeling the Chill in October?

We've been talking about above average warmth continuing from September into October, with the next few days in the mid and upper 70's. However a potent cold front will swing through by the end of the week, bringing scattered rain and storm chances through Friday. Behind the front temperatures take quite the drop, falling into the 50's for highs Saturday and Sunday. Not only that, but there will be quite the chill in the air as you wake up Sunday morning. Temperatures could potentially drop into the upper 30's... but is that normal?

For the month of October, it is. We  typically see the first killing frost and the first freeze of the season through this month. On average the first freeze, where temperatures fall to 32° is October 7th. The earliest this has arrived was September 13th, 1975. Next up, our first filling frost arrives a little later in the month on average. We typically see temperatures hit 28° or lower October 19th. The latest that occurred was November 10th, 1994.

The chill doesn't look to last long, we see a bit of a warming trend next week.

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