Thursday, October 27, 2016

Howling Winds for World Series Game 3

After a few gloomy and cool days in the Stateline the sunshine and warmth returns on Friday. Temperatures have the potential to warm into the upper 60's and low 70's across the area. Even mid 70's just a little south of us. The reason for this will be strong warm air advection ahead of our next low pressure system. The low will track from the northern plains into the upper Great Lakes, while the low will stay north of the area it will still impact our weather in a couple ways.

First it's warm front will lift through the region turning our winds to the south west which will help bringing in the warmer air. However, it will be a very windy day with southwest winds that will gust around 30-35mph. With high pressure over Ohio and a fast moving low pressure system over the northern Great Lakes, the pressure gradient (or difference in pressure over a certain distance) will tighten. This in turn strengthens the wind speeds.

Winds will increase through the afternoon and stay gusty into the evening. If you're planning to hang out around Wrigley through the afternoon winds will first gust closer to 20 mph around noon and then steadily increase into the early evening.

There will be a lot of sunshine though with mostly sunny to partly cloudy skies, and temperatures rising into the upper 60's across the park. And maybe even the Cubbies will use that SW wind to their advantage and knock a few out of the park!

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