Sunday, October 30, 2016

Great Weather for Halloween

The big day is just around the corner and it looks like our weather is going to cooperate!  A warm-up is on the way and our temperatures on Monday will move above normal again to 60 degrees for a high, 4 degrees above the average.  It will be a bit breezy though with winds out of the Southeast at 5-15 miles per hour and we could see some gusts above that - so hold on to your candy bags!   

Even though we will be warm, we are not going to threaten the record.  The record high for Halloween in Rockford was set back in 1950 when we hit 84 degrees! 

At 3 PM, when many of the younger trick-or-treaters go out, it will be about 58 degrees under partly sunny skies, temperatures might drop another degree or two as we head later in the evening, but then the they will hold as a warm front is poised to move in from the west.  One record we will be close to is the record high minimum of 62 degrees set back in 1974.  We will be close at 57!  

Tuesday looks even warmer as we will likely head back into the 70's!  The warm trend continues . . . Enjoy your Halloween. 

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