Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Anticipted Chills this Week

Behind a strong cold front temperatures through the late afternoon on Tuesday will be dropping into the upper 20's, but you'll really feel the difference Wednesday morning.

Tuesday morning temperatures sat in the mid 30's, but it will be much colder Wednesday morning. Lows will be near 10° but with strong and blustery northwest winds chills will be near -5° to -10°. That is an actual temperature drop of about 25° but it will feel about 40° to 45° degrees colder! Definitely a shock to the system by tomorrow morning. There won't be much improvement through the end of the week with daily highs about 10-15° below average, sitting in the low to to mid teens. Winds will also stay blustery through Thursday afternoon, keeping the windchill below zero through Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Time to bundle up again!

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