Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Warm Stretch Continues, But Brings Scattered Rain Chances

The January thaw continues this week with temperatures continuing to climb. Temperatures by this weekend have a good shot at making it into the low 50's. With that however, comes multiple rain chances through Monday.

It all is attributed to our jet stream pattern; fast moving 'rivers' of air in the highest levels of the atmosphere, often called our 'steering winds'. The first branch of the jet stream, the polar jet, has retreated north of the United States. This essentially trapping the cold arctic air well into Canada. However, the more active jet has also lifted into the Mid-south and will steer low pressure systems near the area bringing with it warmth but also moisture.

Our next chance for rain arrives Thursday afternoon ahead of warm air that will keep temperatures in the mid 40's for Thursday. Even a few rumbles of thunder will be possible just south of the area, and rain will continue into early Friday. With that, current forecast brings an additional half inch of rain into Friday. Rain moves out early, but scattered rain chances then continue into the weekend.

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