Thursday, January 5, 2017

Subzero Chills through the Start of the Weekend

I always try to look at the positive side of things and with the cold I keep reminding everyone, 'It could be a lot worse'.  Well, it could.

An Arctic air mass has settled over much of the U.S. and will be in place through the weekend.  Highs the next several days will remain in the low to mid teens with overnight lows dropping into the low single digits.  Wind chills, however, have remained below and will continue to remain below zero through Saturday morning.

Low temperatures Thursday night into Friday morning will fall to 0 degrees, if not slightly below zero.  The last time the overnight low fell below zero was on December 19th when the low bottomed out at -13 degrees.  It won't be quite that cold, but wind chills by Friday morning will be as low as -15 degrees.

The jet stream will pull back north early next week pushing temperatures back into the 30's, but it looks like the weather may get a little more active with light snow showers possible Monday into Tuesday.

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