Friday, January 20, 2017

Warm Pattern Doesn't Last - Winter Makes a Return

Temperatures the past week and a half have been, for the most part, running above average.  And the warm trend continues through the weekend and into early next week.  But there are some signs pointing to a pattern change that will bring a return of the winter chill.

A series of low pressure systems will move through the Midwest and Great Lakes over the weekend.  Light rain will occur with a warm front late Friday night and into Saturday, but for the remainder of the weekend most of the rain stays south and east.  Winds will shift around to the north during the day Sunday and Monday.  Highs will continue to range roughly ten degrees above average early next week, but a stronger low pressure system will develop over the central Plains late Monday and early Tuesday.

This low will track northeast from Kansas to Missouri and into northern Illinois late Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning.  Rain showers are likely ahead of the low, but depending on how fast cooler air wraps in behind the low and the track of the low, a rain/snow mix is possible during the day Wednesday.

Following that, a strong low will develop over the Great Lakes and northeast keeping several waves of energy rotating into Wisconsin and Illinois.  With temperatures falling around 30 degrees and then into the upper 20's by the end the next week, the chance will increase for light snow rather than light rain showers.

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