Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Localized Flooding and Rising Rivers

Over an inch of rain fell Monday, breaking the daily rainfall record for Rockford.  But what that rain also did was cause a lot of standing water in fields, backyards and ditches, and caused some of the local rivers and streams to rise.

A Flood Advisory has been issued for the Rock River just southwest of Rockford down to Dixon.  River levels have gone up since Monday afternoon at both Byron and Dixon, reaching action stage Tuesday afternoon.  This means the water will come very close to edges of the banks, and residents in low lying areas along the river may experience some flooding, but widespread flooding is not expected.  River levels should remain below flood stage.

The rain Monday fell on a ground that was still  frozen from the recent cold snap.  The frost depth was deep and most of the water was unable to soak in causing a lot of runoff.  Other than a few light showers and a rain/snow mix Tuesday night, skies will remain dry until late Thursday night and Friday morning.  Friday's rainfall could add up to another half inch in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.  This could hinder the already swollen creeks and

Dave Charles
Rockford, IL
streams, and cause more back yard flooding.  Scattered rain showers are expected through the weekend.
Kerry Dinges
Orangeville, IL

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