Sunday, January 22, 2017

Gloomy, but warm, January Days

If you've been feeling a little down the past two weeks, there is a good chance the weather has something to do with it.  The sunshine Saturday was an absolute treat, but Mother Nature was quick to bring back the fog and cloud cover Sunday afternoon.  Although the clouds did break up just in time to create a beautiful sunset!

Fog sets back in tonight with temperatures falling into the low to mid 30's.  It shouldn't be as dense as it has been the past couple of nights because of our northwest wind.  But Monday looks to be at least another mostly cloudy afternoon.

Over the past two weeks, skies have been either cloudy or mostly cloudy.  There have been days where we have seen the sun, but it was either quick to hide back behind the clouds or came out too late for us to enjoy.

Despite the cloudy days, temperatures have been running well above average.  Our monthly average highs are four degrees above what the monthly temperature average should be!  Our above average afternoons likely have a lot to do with just how warm our overnight lows have been.  We've seen very little snowfall this month and with no snow to help keep the ground cool, overnight lows have not cooled off like they normally do during this time of the winter season.

An upcoming pattern change does bring a 'cooler' pattern by the middle to end of the week.  But it's cooler to us because we're used to the warmth.  Temperatures will actually be more seasonable for the end of January. 

If you're looking for any accumulating snowfall with this temperature change, you're going to have to keep looking.  Right now it only looks like a few flurries or very light snow showers are possible later in the week.

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