Saturday, September 8, 2018

Pesky Gordon Finally Moves East . . .

Our Stateline weather for the past week has been dominated by rain, instability and changing temperatures - add to that a Tropical Depression and you have the makings of an unsettled week.  The good news is that Tropical Depression Gordon (which dropped nearly 10 inches of rain in Pensacola, Florida), is finally moving east and will have less of an impact on our weather for our Sunday.  The main effects here have been clouds, cool temperatures and breezy conditions (some gusts around 29 mph).  We've spent 3 days with below normal temperatures (78 degrees our normal high) as well that makes it feel like Autumn is coming very soon.  Sunday should be a better day with more sunshine and warmer temperatures, although it will still be breezy with some gusts up to 25 mph. 

As we move into next week, the picture continues to improve with plentiful sunshine and gradually increasing temperatures that should go above 80 by Wednesday.  With a very active Atlantic storm cycle (Florence may make landfall by Thursday in The Carolinas), this may not be the last Tropical Storm to impact our weather this Fall!  Have a great Sunday!  

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