Thursday, November 10, 2016

Climate Outlook for November...Will Cold Air Stick?

You've probably heard already that we expect our season's first freeze to arrive with a shot of cold air Friday night. This will drop overnight lows Saturday morning into the upper 20's... but will this burst of cold air stick?

The answer... not yet. Another large ridge in the jet stream which resides in the upper levels of the atmosphere, builds and lifts all the way up into Canada. This pattern is one that we've seen multiple times this fall, as warmth spreads across the country and into Canada. This will lead to temperatures to reach the mid and upper 50's through the middle of next week. The jet stream won't stay stagnant, we will see another shot of cold air arrive and stick around for a few days. As of now this looks to occur next weekend and would last through the entire weekend. But much like this shot of cold air, it won't last as the pattern up above rebounds once again.

The Climate Prediction Center is showing the entire country with a high probability to see above average warmth through the entire month of November. As mentioned above, it doesn't mean we won't see a some chillier days, but over all temperatures stay mild through most of the month.

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