Monday, November 14, 2016

Extreme Drought Fuels Fires in Southeast

Extreme drought conditions continue to fuel wildfires that are blazing across the southeast. There are over 40 fires currently stretching over 8 states from Alabama to West Virginia. While some of the fires have been found to have started intentionally, many are now still raging across the region, and forcing families from their homes. The National Weather Center headlining Air Quality Alerts for portions of the southeast with thick smoke causing health issues and breathing problems where the smoke is the thickest. The smoke is so thick its even being picked up on satellite images from the area.

To give you an idea on how much of a rain deficit portions of the southeast are experiencing here's a look at some numbers out of North Carolina:
Month to date: Trace amounts have fallen with 1.40" in deficit.
Since September: 1.10" has fallen, but the average is 8.12", leaving of 7.02" rain needed.

In Greenville:
Month to date: .20"have fallen bringing the monthly deficit to 1.25"
Since September: 1.63" have fallen, but the deficit is 6.69".

A strong cold front arrives this weekend for the area, but the much needed rain will fall in the northeast, and not in the southeast.

*Satellite from COD Weather
**Drought outlook courtesy of Drought Monitor

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