Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday Evening Weather Update

Low pressure over Kansas continues to strengthen and will move northeast towards Northern Illinois by Wednesday afternoon.

A surge of moisture ahead of the low has allowed scattered showers to develop from Missouri, Illinois and Iowa.  Further north there is still enough cold air at the surface and aloft to allow a mixture of sleet, rain and snow in far northern Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Winter Weather Advisories have
been issued for the wintry weather from central and northern Wisconsin west into Minnesota.  That's where the trouble spots will be through Wednesday night.

Further south it's mostly rain that's been falling, but there have been a few reports of sleet along the leading edge of the rain band over Northern Illinois.  I do not anticipate this to be a major issue and we should see a complete transition over to light rain through the night.

Roads will be wet Wednesday but snow covered from Northern Wisconsin to Minnesota.  So if that's the direction you're heading, be careful.

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