Wednesday, November 23, 2016

One Low Passes, Another Moves In

We received some much needed rainfall Tuesday and Wednesday, but we're still about an inch below where we need to be for the month.

The next low forecast to move through the Midwest is a fast mover and isn't expected to bring much precipitation locally as it passes Thursday night and Friday morning.  It will follow the passage of high pressure on Thanksgiving and doesn't have a lot of cold air behind it.  Light snow showers are likely from
Minnesota and far northern Iowa, but will fizzle out by the time it reaches Northern Illinois.  This is because the high pressure system that will be with us Thursday will help to block moisture from the south.

Temperatures will only briefly drop near freezing Thursday night, so if it holds together long enough to provide some precipitation it would likely fall as a rain/snow mix before a transition over to light rain Friday morning.

A bigger system looks to impact the Midwest early next week.  This one could bring with it a decent amount of rainfall.

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