Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wednesday Weather Update

Few updates to the forecast if you plan on traveling today:

If you are heading out in the next couple off hours you will have to contend with reduced visibility and fog this morning. Visibility has dropped to about 2-4 miles across the Stateline and into Iowa, this will persist into the afternoon and could cause some travel issues, definitely a day to take it a bit slower out on the roads. You can expect off and on light showers across the Stateline today then turning to damp and drizzly conditions late afternoon and early evening.

If you are heading west into Iowa you have a few showers and the fog to deal with this morning into the afternoon. Conditions west will improve for the late afternoon and evening, as the low pressure departs Iowa and into Wisconsin, you will notice drier skies.

Snow is falling north of Madison through northern Wisconsin and into Minnesota, about two to four inches will accumulate into the afternoon and early evening. Overall you will want to plan a lot more time for traveling with slick roads something to watch for.

If you are heading west into Indiana the rain threat will continue into the evening but will still dry out for Thanksgiving on Thursday.

If you are heading south into central Illinois rain will continue into the evening as well as a passing shortwave will bring more rain for the early evening.

Partly sunny skies will be the trend for Thanksgiving with highs in the low 40's.

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