Friday, November 11, 2016

Snow Flurries in the Forecast?!

Say it ain't snow! That's right! A few snowflakes are certainly not impossible heading into next weekend. That is because a very strong and deep area of low pressure will develop in the Plains and move into southern Canada by Saturday. The strength of that low will allow cold air to filter in behind it on Saturday. In addition, the low pressure system will be close enough to support some minor moisture wrapping around into the Great Lakes region. And, since there will be ample cold air rushing in, some of that light moisture could be in the form of a few snowflakes. This is by no means set in stone, but the models have been in good agreement with the strength of this low and the cold air moving in behind it.

That models have disagreed on how much moisture will be associated with the low on Friday and Saturday. Some models show dry weather Friday while others depict rain and possibly thunderstorms on Friday. For Saturday, most forecast models do advertise some minor moisture filtering in from the north in the form of either some light showers or a snowflake or two. However, the event is still roughly a week out. Therefore, this is by no means a guarantee, but what it does suggest is that the seasons are battling it out, and colder air will eventually begin to win the fights versus the warmer air we've been treated to this fall.

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