Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sunshine Fades Away to Cloud Cover Wednesday

I've always said a little sun can go along way!  And the sunshine Tuesday helped warm afternoon highs into the upper 40's and low 50's.  Unfortunately we are going to lose that sun by Wednesday morning as a strong, but slow moving, low pressure system spins over the Great Lakes.

The incoming cloud cover will also come with a cooler air mass which will be one factor in helping to develop a few widely scattered showers by Wednesday afternoon and evening.  But as colder air does get wrapped into Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, it's possible that snow flurries or even light snow showers could also mix in.

I want you to think of this low like a wagon wheel.  And the spokes around a wagon wheel are similar to smaller low pressure systems that rotate around the main parent low.  As each low passes, it can produce its own weather.  For us, these lows will help enhance cloud cover through the week but also generate lift in the atmosphere as the surrounding air is trying to fill in the lower pressure aloft. 

You can already see how expansive the cloud cover is back to the west and the snow showers associated with it.  Now we won't see that much snowfall, but a brief period of all snow is possible late Wednesday evening and Wednesday night.

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