Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Daylight Savings Time Ending This Weekend!

As you are probably well-aware, the sun has been setting earlier and earlier with each passing day. That sunset time will change even more so as we head into the second week of November. That's because on Sunday, November 6th, Daylight Savings Time will come to an end. At 2 AM Sunday morning, our clocks will go back one full hour. Thus, we all get to enjoy that glorious extra hour of sleep Saturday night. And, while setting the clocks back is necessary, it's also a good time to check those batteries in your smoke detectors.

As previously mentioned, our sunset times will be much earlier beginning on Sunday afternoon. On Sunday, our sunset will occur at 4:43 PM. That isn't the earliest sunset we will see this fall, though. By late November and early December, we will see the sun set on the horizon before 4:30 PM! The good news -- if you prefer longer days -- is that once we get by December 14th, our days begin to get longer and longer!

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