Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Sunny Week Ahead

The cloudy skies tonight will not be around for much longer as we have a weak cold front that will move through our area early tomorrow morning.  The front will slightly cool our temperatures, but it will also push the clouds out of our area and give us much more sunshine!  These sunny conditions are expected to last for the majority of next week, with Thursday being the only cloudy day of the week.  Those sunny conditions are going to be accompanied by these warmer temperatures that we've seen today all thanks to the warm front that moved through our area tonight, which helped to keep our temperatures on the warmer side.  Wednesday and Thursday will be a little cooler in the low 30s due to some northwesterly winds passing through on those days, but by Friday we'll be back in the mid to upper 40s with sunny skies to end the week.

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